Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Brand Loyalty - To Buy Or Not To Buy

A few weeks ago, I saw an article on TV about high street shopping and how, to save the shops we love, we have to commit to them.  This got me thinking about the whole idea of brand loyalty and whether or not it exists in this economy. 

To be honest, I've never had any steadfast loyalty to any brand.  Growing up in a household with ten other people, we were lucky if our tins had any labels.  All shopping was done with consideration and planning with the main aim to be to save as much money as possible.  And now that I have children of my own, the same rules apply.  When we moved here from Ireland, it was a pleasant surprise to find that if we shopped around, there was significant savings to be made.  Yes, we do prefer brands some of the time.  The OH would prefer to only drink Coca-Cola, the boys prefer Kelloggs for breakfast and I can always tell the difference when we have Heinz Baked Beans.  But we can't afford to be picky, especially nowadays.  I will splash out on brands when they are on offer and when Andy sees we have branded goods, he'll always ask if they were on offer!

I've never felt neglected having own- or un-branded goods.  I don't really believe in labels either - I'm quite happy with supermarket clothes and anything special, I don't mind "vintage" from eBay.  My sons think the whole idea of buying clothes because of what's emblazoned on it, is ridiculous, which I'm very proud of.

How about you, though?  Have you always bought the same brands?  Do you think it's a question of money?

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Everybody's Shuffling

So I have decided to blow the dust of this blog especially to take part in Seasider Clare's shuffling meme via Nickie at Typecast.  As I only have the one album on my iPod at the moment, I have chosen to shuffle my iTunes.  God knows what this'll turn up....

The Masterplan - Oasis
My Own Peculiar Way - Joe Dolan
Dog Day Are Over - Florence And The Machine
It Feels Like I'm In Love - Kelly Marie
I Believe In Angels - Abba

Oh dear....