Thursday 30 June 2011

Why I don't blog

See the irony in that?  A couple of days ago, I read this post from @himupnorth and it really struck a cord with me.  It's something I'd been thinking about for a while and wasn't sure how it would be received.  But since he took the plunge, I thought I would too.

A lifetime ago, I started a blog.  It was, to me, just like a diary I'd let everyone read.  It was simply to empty my head, a one-way conversation where I always had the last word.  And at first I enjoyed it.  But as I got more and more into Twitter and read more and more blogs, I realised I didn't quite fit in where it seemed I should.  

It's the term "Mummyblogger".  Ya see, I'm not one of those.  Firstly, I've technically never been a Mummy.  As you may be able to tell from the blog title, I'm Irish.  So when my lads were born, I was initially Mama.  Then Mammy.  And when we left Ireland, I had progressed to Mam.  But once moving here, in an effort to fit in some with their albeit teeny peers, my lads started calling me Mum.  See?  No mummy.

Secondly, much as I love all my friends on Twitter and however much I enjoy their blogs, my dynamic is slightly different.  My lads are almost grown and have very few years left in school.  They spend most of their time in their rooms, with their own laptops.  We no longer bake, or paint, or go to the park.  They don't wear cute clothes nor play with toys (Pokémon not withstanding!).  They eat like horses, swear like hookers, have their own, very strong opinions (where did they get THAT from?) and know more than me about a LOT of stuff.  And one of them has their own blog.  So I can't really blog about them - more than anything, it would scare the living shit out of parents who have yet to experience the teenage years!

Finally, once I'd started the blog, I felt I should be writing on an almost daily basis, whether or not I had something witty/entertaining/shocking or even mildly noteworthy to say.  Although I would consider myself to have a touch of verbal diarrhoea, even I can't spout off ad infinitum.

And so, my blog (should it go any further than this!), will be me talking shite.  It will be like an extra-long tweet.  It will be like when you try to text a story and end up writing, "Ah fuck it, I'll tell you when I see you".  This is me face-to-face.  I can't promise it will be riveting, it won't contain blogging wizardry (I can barely imbed a link!), it may be offensive, it won't make you skinny or clever.  But it might make you smile. :-D


  1. WELL SAID!!! *applauds*

    You know I'm not a "mummy" either and haven't been for a long time. I put up with the term "Mummy Blogger" only because I like the community aspect of it all. My whole internet life has been forum (and now social media) based, talking to people from all walks of life.

    I've written another blog post about the conference at weekend saying that it was targeted more to the mummies than the mums with older children. Some brands had it spot on but then maybe that's what I was looking for.

    You should only blog for yourself. The readership and interaction is second. If your readers stay loyal (and 99% of the time, they do) then it's a massive bonus. Never ever be a slave to someone else's concept.

    I wouldn't mind you finding the secret to "skinny and clever" though ;)

  2. Oh...excellent stuff...thought I was the only one talking utter crap to myself! Himupnorth struck a giant cord with me, but somehow here I am talking utter crap to you too! x

  3. I love that line, 'Ah fuck it, I'll tell you when I see you...' Great post. I'm still blogging because I'm bored out of my tiny mind doing housework and it distracts me from having to play with the kids - in other words, I can pretend to the wife that I'm 'working'.
    Keith aka Reluctant Housedad

  4. Great post - I too am not part of the "Mummy blogging" genre (not having kids a vital hurdle to that), neither am I skilled enough to have a foodie blog. So, like you, my blog is about my ramblings and the odd post about what I had for tea. It's refreshing to hear that others read blog updates on Twitter and have a bit of blog paranoia.

    PS - I'm from Ireland too...... only the other side of the border ;)

  5. i don't know how to reply individually to each comment, but thanks for reading. and i've passed a lovely morning browsing through each of your blogs!

  6. I have never considered myself a mummy blogger. Yes, I blog about my kids. But that's part of who I am. And the tag mummy blogger just makes me want to rebel against it - I am so much more than "just" a mummy.

    I write lots but I don't if I've got nothing to say. I must just have a lot to say. ;-)

  7. @kate maybe that's the whole point. maybe i feel i needed to fit in somewhere instead of just going with the flow!

  8. I'm with Nickie on the whole community thing. I blog for me and no-one else and started when I had the cancer diagnosis. It helped me put my thoughts in order. I'm still doing it, because I enjoy the social aspect, I don't think it matters you were never a mummy. Just do it cos YOU love it. But it does seem there is a gap in the market........hehehe

  9. Thanks for the mention, Paula. I think your outlook is sooo refreshing and hits the mark I've been missing for a while. Good luck with it. Stick an email subscription widget up so I can subscribe!

  10. Oh how cool!! You know it didn't actually register with me that you didn't have a blog until you tweeted about it the other day. Hope you have lots of fun with this one. I shall look forward to hearing what you have to say!