Friday 13 April 2012

Our Song

When I read Nickie's Our Song post, I immediately thought I'd tag along with it, so was pleasantly surprised to find that she'd tagged ME on it!

Paul and I never got married, so no wedding first dance for me either.  But there will always be one song that will be "ours".  When we first met, we both worked nights for a taxi firm - he as a driver and me as a base controller.  I fancied him from the first time I saw him.  And it wasn't long before he was dropping me home... the long way....

He drove a fairly ancient Merc with a dodgy tape deck.  One morning, he said he wanted to play me a song that suited our relationship.  And pressed play.  Nothing happened.  He stopped, rewound and tried again.  Still nothing.  Then some slow whirring.  Then a snippet of this...

He couldn't get it play all the way through.  He got all embarassed.  It was so cute.

And 17 years later, when I hear this song, it takes me back.  And I love him more and fancy him just as much as I did then.

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