Tuesday 12 June 2012

What Twitter Has Taught Me

Since I joined Twitter (12th October 2008), I've been accused of "wasting my time" with people I don't know, talking rubbish.  However this is certainly not the case.  There are many things I have learned from Twitter.

Most celebrities aren't as pleasant as they appear - although some are @Schofe

People do find real love on the internet @lisaflowers54 & @mattalbans  @GKM77X & @francopopfille

Rude and irreverent is bloody hilarious and brings out the worst in me @jinks67

Home schooling is an excellent option when it's done right @liveotherwise

The law is a ass @pauljchambers

Nothing compares to sisters @24caratblonde & @dumbblonde301

Any Dream Will Do and if you stick to it, it may come true @mduffywriter

You don't need alcohol to be witty and entertaining - sometimes tea does it @Tasshhaaar

There are things I don't need to learn coz someone else will have the answer @unabatedshagie

Ginger kittens make people soft @KingOfAnkh

There is a LOT to be won on the internet @SuperluckyDi

Friday nights are staying in nights @FridayTwiz

Mine is not the only family that communicates through Twitter @ChrisseBeads, @MaestroOfWyre, @joshuaflitter & @_Canard

The weirdest thing about meeting people you met online is that it's not weird @cdlees

Make-up is an artform that I will never master @JoJo_Nash

Bowls can be quite competative @Asher_Basher1

I STILL have no idea what copywriters do @bobblebardsley

There nowt like a proper bromance @imintheshed & @willbuckley

I have made many friends on Twitter, some that I know will be friends forever @nickie72, @Dennisisamenace, @Becki_says, @liberatedwomble and many, many, many more!

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