Thursday 23 February 2012

Her Hand - My #dosomethingyummy Post Week 4

This week's prompt from Nickie at Typecast's #dosomethingyummy post was difficult for me. These blog prompts have been to raise awareness of CLIC Sargent, who help families deal with cancer in children and young people. I've been lucky never to have to face anything like many families do.  So this week, I've decided to write a poem, which is inspired by Nickie's blogs about her family and her experiences with her daughter (with some poetic license!).

Her hand grasps my finger the very first time
As she enters the world with a yell
With all her ten fingers and ten tiny toes
Our precious new daughter is well

Her hand pulls her bottle, as she guzzles down
She's growing with each passing day
Beginning to smile, to gurgle, to laugh
She is talking in her special way

Her hand holds so tight to the edge of the chair
As she struggles to get to her feet
She's taking the first of those tentative steps
And she often lands back on her seat!

Her hand grips my sleeve as we wander through clinical
Corridors we don't belong
But sensing as only a mother can do
That something was seriously wrong

Her hand lying still on the hospital bed
Surrounded by bleeping machines
So quietly laying, not making a sound
Is my girl who was once full of beans

Her hand has a needle that leads to a tube
My princess seems ever so brittle
It is so unfair, that she suffer like this
My girl who is ever so little

Her hand....

Her hand holds his hand as he places the ring
On the finger that makes her his wife
The joy in my heart at the woman she is
After all the hard times in her life

Her hand holds a hand for the very first time
And I see how my baby has grown
With all her ten fingers and ten tiny toes
She has a princess of her own.

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