Tuesday 14 February 2012

A Series Of Firsts!

I've been tagged by Adrian at This Crayon Belongs To Adrian to give my Series of Firsts. I'm not so sure this will be terribly interesting, but here goes!

Who was your first boyfriend?
His name was Alan Breen and he was my boyfriend from the age of around 6 for about two years.  What I remember most about this budding romance was that he stole a bracelet belonging to his mum to give to me for Valentines Day.  But I had to give it back. :(

First person you kissed?
He was my first proper boyfriend, sometime in my early teens, I think.  It wasn't too memorable.

First job?
Besides some babysitting, my first job was part of an exchange program I went on after tech.  I spent three months in Germany, working with Siemens Nixdorf. The area I worked in was designing fonts for word-processing systems.  I don't know if I was particularly good at it.  I worked with three men, none of which spoke English.  At the end of my contract, they brought be out for a Greek meal, which I thought was well posh!

What did you buy with your first pay packet?
As I said above, I was living in Germany when got my first job hence my first wage packet was in deutschmarks. There was a gang of 15 of us sharing a house and for most of us, it was our first time away from home.  So obviously, I spent my first pay packet on alcohol and chocolate!

First CD you remember buying
Can't remember the first CD, but my first vinyl single was Puss in Boots - Adam and the Ants.

First holiday abroad?
Being from Ireland, as children our holidays were mostly spent in the Isle of Man.  So if this isn't technically abroad, my first foreign holiday was in Paris on a school trip.  It was totally fabulous and one day I really want to take my family back there.

What age were you when you moved out of the family home?
I was 23 and pregnant when I moved out for good, though I did spend two summers in Germany living alone.

So I am passing the buck onto;
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