Thursday 2 February 2012

Missing - My #dosomethingyummy Post

I've decided to #dosomethingyummy Writing Prompt to promote awareness for CLIC Sargent's awareness campaign.  It's a first for me to take part in a link-up like this and so I decided to challenge myself by attempting a Creative post.  I'm not really impressed with it, but there has to be a first time for everything.

Pop over to Nickie at Typecast's blog to check out the rest.


It was the lack of alarm that finally woke me.  Like a newborn baby, I stretched with curling toes and arched back.  The complete bliss that comes from knowing I had nowhere to be, no-one to see.  A work-free day, a responsibility-free day, a pamper-filled day.  I rolled over and reached for my phone. No messages. I shifted, turned my pillow over to the cool side and lay back down.  Idly, I thought what I could fill this day up with.  There was that book I'd been meaning to finish, could always do with painting my nails, maybe a liquid lunch or housework if I got REALLY bored.  The possibilities... I stretched my arm out again and picked up my iPod. No tweets.  *sigh* 

Desperately needing a shot of caffeine, I dragged myself up, shuffled into my slippers and sauntered down the stairs.  As the cats weaved themselves around my ankles, I was thankfully for the attention, despite the fact that they just wanted feeding.  And so, after seeing to them and chucking the fork into the empty sink - empty and still sparkling from when I cleaned it last night - I flicked the switch on the kettle.  The fridge hummed loudly, funny how I'd never noticed it before.  Booting up the laptop, I noted how fast the broadband speed was.  Where usually the lights on the modem flickered, sending and receiving, this morning it flashed intermittently,  the luxury of a whole bandwidth to myself.  No emails. The kettle whistled as I reached for a mug; had to search for a mug that wasn't someone else's favourite.

I loaded up Spotify to break the silence as I caught up on all the news on Facebook - no status updates. As I tucked my legs under and pulled a blanket over my shoulders, I noticed how perfectly straight all cushions were, the remotes aligned with the end of the coffee table, the blinds still drawn.  

Today was only day one... how on earth was I going to cope with the lads being away on camp for a whole week??


  1. Well done on taking on the creative writing challenge. You use good language and perhaps reveal more of your life than you know in it too.
    Great to sign up to a very good cause too.

  2. Nice piece of writing. Funny, isn't it? How we can long for a bit of space and time to yourself but if we get, don't want it for long!

    1. i know! even them they're both teenagers now, i still miss them as much.